“Emiliano was recommended to me by the owner of our wedding venue in Tuscany and it was a brilliant recommendation. From the very start of our communication he was responsive, helpful and so enthusiastic, and more affordable than any other photography quote I’d received. He was extremely patient with my many questions and our time changes, and seems to have a genuine love of weddings which was so welcome. On the wedding day, Emiliiano and Carlotta showed up early enough to have a look around and familiarise themselves with the venue, but they were never in our way. In fact, they were extremely quiet! They stayed from before we started getting ready until well after the first dance and we received our photos (over 1000 of them!) only 2 days later. The photos are fantastic! We are so happy with them and we’ve already started picking the ones to frame. Thank you Emiliano and Carlotta for being the perfect photographers for our day!” (Jenna e Kwang, 29/07/2018)

“Working with Emiliano was a dream. Our wedding planner put us in touch with him, and we were hooked from the first view of his photos: they are a perfect balance of whimsy and elegance. A week before the big day, Emiliano emailed both me and my husband to introduce himself and to let us know about how he works. He prefers to stay out of the spotlight, but gave us the option of choosing that or selecting a more “traditional” approach. We let him know that he had creative freedom during the day, and we loved the result. He was with us for about 9 hours and only directed us once to bring us to the most beautiful sunset photo shoot. All in all, Emiliano is a perfectly professional photographer who will give you stunning, quirky shots. Thank you, Emiliano!” (Jill e Mark, 26/06/2018)

“Organizing our wedding from the UK was difficult but we were so lucky when we hired Emiliano to be our photographer! The photos were beautiful and caught all the special moments. Not only did they capture our day perfectly but they was so helpful too. We could not have asked for better photographers, we feel very grateful that we found them.” (Sarah and Aaron, 30/06/2018)

“We found Emiliano through Instagram and were immediately excited to find someone who had exactly the non-invasive philosophy that we were looking for. After exchanging emails we arranged to meet Emiliano and Carlotta a few months before we were due to get married and soon realized that they would be perfect for us. On the big day they were great, when they arrived it was like seeing old friends but they soon melted into the background and we regularly forgot they were around! The moments they captured are a fabulous record of all the joy, emotion and fun of our perfect day. We can’t recommend them highly enough.” (Alison and Jack, 01/06/2018)

“Simply perfect! Organising a wedding from Ireland was always going to be a challenge, but choosing Emiliano was an easy decision as soon as we saw his photos we knew he was the photographer for us. Emiliano and Carlotta were brilliant on our wedding day, so relaxed and sometimes invisible they really make you feel at ease and really helped to make our day perfect. Always quick to respond to emails and so accommodating to what we wanted. Every picture is so natural and captures the range of emotions that we shared with our guests. We have relived all the moments of our day through Emiliano’s and Carlotta’s pictures, we can’t believe how lucky we were to have them as our photographers.” (Mags and Daragh, 06/04/2018)

“Emiliano and Carlotta are both highly professional and very friendly. The pictures of the wedding they took were wonderful, capturing moments of joy, emotion, complicity… They really reflect the atmosphere of the day, capturing forever for us this event so special. We highly recommend you to consider Emiliano for your wedding, you won’t be disappointed.” (Camille and Jean-Baptiste, 28/10/2017)

“Emiliano and Noemi were the perfect photographers for my wedding. Punctual, friendly, discreet and most of all creative, they surpassed my expectations and captured every moment of our special day. I wanted a very natural style that captured guests and moments without feeling contrived and formal and they did just that. I’d recommend them in a heart beat.” (Helen and Alex, 03/09/2017)

“We booked Emiliano and Carlotta for our wedding in Florence this August and we were very impressed. On the day Emiliano travelled to our villa for pre-wedding shots of the bride while Carlotta headed to the venue for shots of the guests arriving. During the ceremony and reception, they were exceptional capturing hundreds of amazing shots of the groom and bride and guests in a beautiful setting that is not lost in the finished photographs. We would recommend Emiliano to anyone planning their wedding and would like to express our thanks for all the hard work and effort that went into capturing a day we will always remember.” (Katie and Daniel, 31/08/2017)

“My wife and I had the great luck and privilege to have Emiliano and Noemi to document our special wedding day in the Tuscan hills outside of Florence last August. From the moment they arrived they were complete professionals in every way. They were so expert in everything they did and how they interacted with the guests never taking away from the natural experience of the day. The photos they took captured the emotions of the day so brilliantly. They never made it seem like we had to work to create the pictures. They were able to catch the moments effortlessly. They were so nice and kind towards everyone and you can tell that they both really love their jobs. I would highly recommend them to anyone who wants a magical photo experience. Thank you both so much. We will never forget you.” (Nikolett and Brendan, 03/08/2017)

“Dear Emiliano, we are so thrilled with the photos! We cannot thank you enough for the work you did on our wedding day. You and Carlotta are truly talented and your ability to capture the natural expressions of us and our family and friends in these photos is priceless. We continue to pour over the photos… Your work is extraordinary. Robert and I are again, over the moon with the photos. Seriously, I feel so blessed to have found you on an obscure website for photographers in Florence! Thanks again!” (Seana and Robert, 27/08/2017)

“Dear Emiliano, dear Carlotta, the photos are very beautiful, very natural. You were able to capture unique moments plenty of emotions” (Emilie and Gilles, 23/06/2017)

“One of the hardest choices to make while planning a wedding is choosing the photographer. Certainly if you’re planning a wedding from abroad. We are a Dutch couple and our wedding was in the beautiful Tuscany. First of all, you are looking for someone whose style you appeal. During my online search I found the website of Emiliano and his spontaneous pictures really made an impression on us. After coming in contact with Emiliano, he appeared to be working with Carlotta. They have a nice collaboration that complement each other in shooting pictures from various angles and with a slightly different style. A few months before our wedding we made an appointment with them in Florence and we immediately had a good feeling. They are really nice people! On the day itself you almost don’t realize that they are there, they are unintrusive and both are very nice professional people. I would recommend them to anyone. We are very happy with the result and we’ll be happy to look back at the beautiful pictures for the rest of our lives! Emiliano and Carlotta, thank you so much!” (Jolanda and Edwin, 06/06/2017)

“It is so hard to know where to start with this incredible duo! They were outstanding from start to finish. They captured moments I never thought would be possible, I just cannot praise them enough. They were so discreet, caring and passionate. We feel honored to have had them at our wedding. The most amazing, kind people we came into contact with, they made our day unforgettable. If you are considering them for a wedding or any other event, consider no further… it will be the best decision you have ever made. Thank you so much to both of you.” (Alexandra and William, 03/06/2017)

“Nothing could have saved us from the near freezing conditions of our shoot (3 degrees to be exact, me wearing my coat and tie and my wife wearing nothing but her gown) except for Emiliano and Carlotta’s warm, friendly, hospitable and professional demeanor. Having the chance to have both of them as our photographers on our most important day is easily the highlight of our Florence trip. The pictures are great! It certainly exceeded our expectations: we’re an awkward couple, but the pictures tell our story of love and laughter and embody the same level of artistry as the beauty of the city. Now, Florence will always be our special city of love.” (Chona and JonJon, 20/04/2017)

“Emiliano is a fabulous creative and ‘moment in time’ photographer that captured all of the most special moments of our day. I would highly recommend him for any wedding! I live in the UK and so being able to meet with local photographers wasn’t possible for me. Emiliano took the time to skype with me and talk through all of my requirements, and we were able to talk through his approach and style. On the day, he turned up promptly and kept himself busy whilst all the preparations were being done. Throughout the day he was always in the right place at the right time, but he wasn’t in everyone’s face. He stayed right until the end of the night (well, atleast until it got to the point when there was enough late dancing pics and wasn’t getting any more out of it). The moments he was able to capture on the day was amazing, his reportage style gave us even more memories than those we were part of on the day. He was SO FLEXIBLE and super quick at turning the final shots around – there wasn’t any complexity with the number of images promised – he gave us all of the shots that turned out well etc and so were were able to condense them down and tell our own story.” (Anna and Dean, 03/07/2016)

“As with all couples choosing a photographer for our wedding was one of our most important and difficult jobs. We live in Luxembourg and decided to get married in Italy, so our search was extensive. We looked at many photographers from all over Europe and Italy; then we came across Emiliano’s Website. From the first photos we saw in his gallery we realized that we wanted his reportage style that would truly tell the story and emphasize the emotions of our special day. We definitely did not want an album full of structured poses for the camera. We could not be happier with our decision, both Emiliano and Noemi were fantastic. It was as if they were not even there and the photos are just beautiful. Every time we see them the emotions of the day come rushing back to us and we will treasure the memories that they recorded for us forever.” (Ekaterina and Keith, 20/08/2016)

“My new wife and I are from New York and had a destination wedding at Villa Medicea di Lilliano outside of Florence. We were obviously very nervous about planning a wedding from overseas. However, from the first inquiry to the final hug goodbye, Emiliano put us at ease and made the process absolutely amazing and much less stressful. We could not be happier with our choice of photographer. Emiliano’s style and demeanor were exactly what we wanted. He focused on capturing amazing candid shots of all of our guests without forcing anyone to do staged shots. But when we asked him to take some group shots of our guests, or capture me and my bride at a particular spot, he was always excited and happy to oblige. We are accustomed to wedding photographers who are cold and, frankly, not very friendly. But Emiliano truly seemed as though he was thrilled for us and genuinely excited to be shooting our wedding. I would write all of this even if his photos did not turn out amazing — but they did! They were crystal clear and perfectly captured every moment from our special day.  It is impossible to decide which pictures we want to hang in our apartment! All in all, we are extremely grateful that we chose Emiliano. If you want a great photographer who will be happy to photograph your wedding exactly how you want, and with a genuine smile and amazing photos to boot, then we recommend you immediately choose Emiliano! You will not regret it!” (Taylor and Joe, 19/08/2016)

“We were a French couple getting married in Italy. Without any Italian friends or relatives in Tuscany, finding a good photograph in that area was not the easiest part of the wedding! My first web researches almost made me cry when I saw the prices that some photographs gave me… And then I got Emiliano’s answer: pictures seemed great, price was affordable, and above all, he answered all my emails and my questions (of-desperate-and-silly-bride…) very quickly! He made me feel comfortable before knowing him. At the wedding, no need to tell him what to do, what or who to shoot or not. He was very professional, came with a colleague that followed my husband preparations while he followed mine, to be sure to get everything. I enjoyed my “big day” without having to manage them or being annoyed by them, they absolutely know their job. Moreover, they are so kind, and they seem to take a real pleasure to live that moment with you. Delivery of pictures was very fast and I got so many compliments on them! Guests still speak about how beautiful they are. If you want real pictures, not frozen or “fake” ones, if you want pictures that reveal each emotion of your wedding day, you absolutely have to choose Emiliano!” (Emmanuelle and Nicolas, 06/05/2016)

“We hired Emiliano for our wedding in Tuscany, on April 2016, and that was the best present we gave to each other as man and wife. If you want to remember, not just faces and colors, but also the emotions and the perfume of the day, you absolutely need this artist! He had captured the magic of every moment with elegance and delicacy… oh! And we never had to pose! Thanks to this wonderful photographer who has translated our most important day in pure breathtaking photos!” (Simona and Stephen, 16/04/2016)

“To celebrate our fifteenth wedding anniversary, my husband and I chose to renew our wedding vows in Florence, Italy (we are from Houston, Texas). We took our three year old daughter as our flower girl. Emiliano coordinated a walking tour of the city for us while he photographed. The locations were spectacular, and he even managed to convince several shop owners to permit us entry for some very exceptional, unique photographs. The results were amazing: a phenomenal experience for our family with the most beautiful images to capture the experience. Even the official photographer of our wedding failed to capture our true nature as did Emiliano! We would also like to praise and thank Sabrina – his assistant – who, in addition to also creating beautiful photographs, helped our daughter overcome her shyness, allowing for some of the most precious images of this sweet little girl. This brilliant team was amazing to work with, and we hope to find the opportunity to work with them again in the very near future.” (Monica and Joe, 16/07/2013)