photographer Florence


The more time goes by, the more easier it gets for me to recount and tell the tale of who I am. Luckily, growing up I learned the beauty of synthesis and the fine art of perspective. Today, I feel like saying to the world “I am a documentary wedding photographer” is in itself a bold statement, rich in meaning and history. My heart desires simple things: to be happy and keep growing wiser and stronger with my son Lorenzo and to keep telling stories the only way I know how, with great enthusiasm channeled through the one thing I truly, deeply, always loved: photography. Photography was my first real job. Afterwards, I took alternative paths and tried different things: I wrote and published books, I wrote for theater, music and for the great stages of Cinema. For a few years I found myself directing movies (for RAI, Cecchi Gori etc…) but in the end, for me, it was always photography – my first love. A passion had risen inside of me for everything that was true, authentic, both touching and ironic. Even though I often work in different fields of photography, what I love the most is to photograph weddings, moments in which I do my best to become this thorough, invisible and refined storyteller with a special eye for the true meaning of things, love and life.